December 30, 2015- Through the seamless coordination between three organizations, MDM, a cerebral palsy patient seen during the outreach mission in Nueva Ecija was provided a means of mobilization. She can now dream beyond her bamboo bed and the four walls of her home. When Dr. Gamilla and I saw her during our mission, she could not utter a word but her eyes spoke to us.

The team members that served the need of MDM: Ms. Precy Deluria of PCPI, Baby, Dr. Carina Cruz Benson of the J Cruz Foundation, Nick, Dr. Belinda Vicencio Gamilla, Mayor Allan Gamilla , Verna and Dong of Bongabon, Nueva Ecija.

I realize now that in many areas of the Philippines, there is a huge need for provision of care for children with special needs. We plan to implement a solution to address this problem in coordination with other organizations.

In unity there is strength and accomplishment. God provides!

*Note: The mother of the patient gave consent to release these photos.

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