About Us

Compassionate Non-Profit Organization Dedicated to the Holistic Care of Children
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The J Cruz Foundation is dedicated to providing holistic care to at-risk children. Through our youth program, we cater to the mind, body, and spirit of children so that they can build their lives towards a positive future instead of losing themselves to self-pity and remaining dependent on other people and/or substances.

Who We Are

J stands for Juana which means God is gracious and Cruz stands for cross. Juana Cruz is a WWII survivor during the Japanese regime in the Philippines.
In a hide-out in the mountains after her father, Sioco Carino, was brutally killed by the Japanese for hiding and feeding American soldiers, she was the only survivor among 3 young siblings. Through God’s grace and the cross, the J Cruz Foundation was founded in 2013. It is a non-profit organization based in Las Vegas, Nevada, that advocates for a holistic approach for helping at-risk children requiring medical, physical, psychological, and spiritual assistance.

We believe that children are the hope of the future and that they deserve the proper care necessary to allow them to grow up into independent and resilient adults who will contribute to a positive change in the world. We will build a child care center of excellence in Las Vegas to provide a strong foundation for at-risk youth in the United States and we will build a campus in the Philippines that will provide medical, educational and spiritual assistance to at risk children.Our goal is to enhance the complete well-being of children so they can achieve their best potential.

Contact our office in 410 Groveland Ave #1602 Minneapolis MN 55403, at 952-426-2661 for more information about how you can support our cause.