Helpful At-Risk Children Assistance & Youth Program in Las Vegas, Nevada

Join us in providing at-risk children assistance and youth programs by donating to our non-profit organization based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The staff at J Cruz Foundation is on a mission to support children and their families through a committed holistic approach for mind, body, and spirit regardless of ethnic, cultural, or religious backgrounds.


Complete Support for At-Risk Youth

With our at-risk children assistance, we take all of the steps necessary to make a lasting difference in the lives of our youth. As such, part of our mission is to assist parents by educating, supporting, and training them to nurture their child’s development using strong, loving parenting skills. Another part of our mission is to assist children in developing a strong a mind, body, and spirit so they can achieve their goals.

Helping Children across the World

Dedicated to researching and utilizing the best pediatric care and treatment for all the aspects of a child, the J Cruz Foundation is focused on serving the high-risk populations of the United States and the Philippines. Working with local and global community partners and charitable institutions with similar goals, we look to spread our youth program and mission of care across the globe.


Your donation helps us implement our mission to help at risk children, that is, children who have congenital or acquired deformities, experienced catastrophe in their young lives such as abuse and neglect, and those who lack access to proper medical care. With your help we will be able to help children across the world get the assistance they need to become independent and productive adults.

Contact us in Las Vegas, Nevada, to make a charitable contribution to our youth program.